Jim Lowder

Republican Candidate

Oregon House District 22

A life of leadership in service: Veteran, Cybersecurity Analyst, Rancher, Small Business Owner, Coach, Referee, Substitute Teacher, Volunteer

Life member, National Rife Association (NRA), Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), American Legion and the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN)

The ONLY candidate with military, business, education, AND law enforcement experience!

Actions speak louder than words. You can tell what I stand for by who I stand with and what I have accomplished. Stand with me on the issues we can take to victory in the HD22 general election:

  • Unshackle the economy! Lower taxes! Reduce inflation!

  • Restore sustainable, inclusive economic growth to create real jobs!

  • Re-establish parental control of education! Stop punishing children and families!

  • Support first responders! Maintain public safety!

  • Encourage respect for the US and Oregon Constitutions and for YOUR rights!

My name is Jim Lowder. I am a believer, patriot, husband, father, and grandfather. My wife and I came to Oregon to be closer to our precious grandbabies. With her support, I have been privileged to live a life of leadership in service to others: Military/commercial pilot and flight instructor, tutor of English as a Second Language, coach, referee, board member, community volunteer, business owner, and SWAT team commander. I want to use my "very particular set of skills, acquired over a long career," to serve as your representative in House District 22.

46 years ago I swore an oath to defend the United States Constitution. For many of those years I did so at the risk of my life. In those days we shared common values. Today that consensus has been shattered, as our middle class way of life has come under assault by the privileged few. We are still in this together, but we need a new consensus to live and let live, which treats one and all with dignity and respect.

Over the course of a forty year military and business career, I have developed skills which will serve us all well. As a taxpayer, you paid dearly for all my military leadership training and experience! Let's put it to good use in Salem!

The politicians in Salem have gone seriously off track. Portland burns and the homeless languish while law abiding citizens are persecuted. Fake news, pseudo science, and censorship abound! Most of our politicians are crushing the American Dream by failing to support public safety, destroying businesses and killing jobs. They have burdened us with unnecessary inflation, malicious unconstitutional mandates, and cumbersome regulation.

We can do better! Let's get government out of the way of sustainable economic growth and pursue sensible policies to restore fairness, civility, public safety, opportunity, and economic growth. Liberty, justice and prosperity for all, not just the rich or the people who won the last election! Join me in restoring hope for the American dream!

Growing up on a ranch I learned the values of stewardship, hard work, team work, and honesty. Today, most of my extended family are proud first generation immigrants who speak English only as a second, third or fourth language. We all understand the values of hard work and patriotism, and we all share the dream that we will all be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin!

Hablo español porque crecí trabajando junto con vaqueros mexicanos y americanos en un rancho en Oklahoma. I speak Spanish because I grew up working together with Mexican and American cowboys on a ranch in Oklahoma.